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Campbell County Campus

We are launching a new location in Campbell County in early 2020!

Our vision is to create locations where relationships are leading the way to helping people come to know, worship, and serve Jesus. We aspire to grow people into disciples of Jesus who also produce more disciples.

Ahead of the weekend launch of our Campbell County location in January, there are various ways to get connected. We have a number of small group options, serve projects, events, and more.

Join the launch Team

The Launch Team is the core of our Campbell County Campus.  These are the people committed to getting the campus up and running.  They are opening the doors, serving the coffee, leading our kids, setting up and tearing down, making others feel welcome, leading small groups, or inviting friends.  

Want to serve on a team, lead a group, or commit to making our Campbell County Campus your church then hit the I'm In button below to get started. 


Get Involved

Our aim is to spend the fall ahead of our weekend gathering launch taking time to build community and create experiences to connect new people.  Below you will find a variety of options to help you plug into our Campbell County location. 

  • Student ministry

    We have regular gatherings and annual events for Middle School and High School students.  At our gatherings students will experience small groups, games, food, large group teaching, and more.  We have a variety of events that include retreats, camps, scavenger hunts and movie nights. Keep an eye on our page for upcoming gatherings and events.  

    Advance is our weekly gathering for games, small groups, and snacks. 

    (grades 6-12) 

    Wednesdays @6:30-8:00.

    DECEMBER location: 1906 North Fort Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas

  • Groups

    Life change happens best in community.  Small Groups are a great place to develop deep community.  Groups gather on a regular basis in homes around Campbell County to study, pray, and do life together.  

    Interested in joining or hosting a group? Email us: campbellco@firstchurch.me

  • MicroSites

    In order to begin to reach the Campbell County area we are launching Microsites.  Microsites are gatherings of people who watch the First Church services online.  Microsites can be hosted in homes, restaurants, or wherever there is a place to gather together. We are putting a number of Microsites together to give those committed to the Campbell County location the chance to begin gathering for services ahead of our full scale launch.  Microsites will be launching this fall.  

  • Serve

    We aim to be a church that serves.  Each month there are numerous ways to be serving with us all over Northern Kentucky.  You can jump in on a serve project, connect with one of our area partners, or join one of ministry teams at First Church.  

    Check out our Serve Opportunities or join our Facebook Group to keep up to date on all upcoming projects.  

  • Connect with us

    Keep up to date on all the information, gatherings, and events for the Campbell County location.  

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