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GO Pantry food collection

This Generosity Can initiative will benefit GO Pantry. GO Pantry provides food to Boone County children who do not have enough to eat at home. During the school year these kids receive breakfast and lunch during the school day. When school is not in session, many of them do not eat.  GO BOXES are designed to meet this need. The GO BOXES program sends kids home on longer breaks with a week's worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and healthy drinks.  GO Pantry works with school Family Resource Coordinators ("FRC") to identify kids with the most severe food needs.

First Church has been asked to collect enough food for 500 GO BOXES to provide easy to use meals for the 500 kids Go Pantry will help at Spring Break. The boxes are delivered the week of April 1 to the school FRC/Counselor who then confidentially distributes them to the kids Friday before Spring Break.


It's not about what you think YOU can do.  The question is what can GOD do through you if you allow him to use YOU and your influence of those around you.  Join with your Life Group, friends, neighbors, or co-workers!  Let's make a statement about our love for kids in our community! Flyers and boxes will be available beginning March 14 after all services. Let's fill them up!!

Get involved by collecting these items, helping us receive and sort the boxes on March 30, or volunteering with GO Pantry.

GO Pantry drop-off update:

We request as many as possible, to drop off their boxes Friday, March 29 from 5:00-7:30pm at either campus. At Burlington, this will be at the rear of the Student Building (lower level). At Union, we will load into the box truck until it is full, and the remainder into the middle school classroom on the left side. Thank you so much for your generous heart and spirit of flexibility as we join together to bless the children in Boone County! PS: Don't forget to tape the BOTTOM of your box!  

PDF shopping List

If you just need the shopping list, click here.