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Serve week

Serve Week is about meeting needs, in our community, to show people how much Jesus loves them. There’s so many ways to do this we decide to move from Serve Day to SERVE WEEK this year. It’s exciting to think about how God will use us! Just pick a project (or two or three!), ask others to join you to BE SALT and LIGHT!

How to Sign Up:
1. Determine which project you’d like to participate in. Click on “Volunteer”. 
2. Enter required personal information (Name, Email, Zip Code, Password); Password must be at least 6 characters and include a symbol.
3. Click on the agreement and the click the “Volunteer” button. You should see a box that let’s you know you’re done & you’ll receive an email confirmation about 15 minutes later. 
4. If you’d like to add guests (including youth), click on “My Works” tab on the left side of the page. In green you will see the project(s) listed that you are currently signed up for. Look for the magnifying glass icon and click the arrow to expand the row.  
5. Click on the tab “My Guest Volunteers” tab. Click “add” and enter names, ages & phone numbers. Guests will not receive email communication so it is your responsibility to keep your guests informed.
6. You’ll receive information from the Project Leader as needed.
If you have questions, contact Jenny at jleach@firstchurch.me or 859-980-0259
For help with the WorkersInChrist software please email support@WorkersInChrist.com