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Destination Joska

BY: dennis williams

We started our morning on the bus with a devotion from Joan, one of our team members. This journey consists of 3 parts:

1) Bus trip on a good paved road. (around 45 minutes)

2) Continue onto poorly paved road with bumps, ruts & over patched potholes. (15-20 minutes)

3) Dirt road with even more potholes, ruts, gullies & bumps…

I’ve never seen a 25 passenger bus go off roading! Check this off my bucket list!

We received the back lot tour from Nairobi to Joska - and even with the rough drive, I wouldn’t change a thing. 

For this trip a missionary, Pastor Bill Sheldon from Lafayette Indiana accompanied us to Joska. He is currently doing the Lord’s work in Liberia. What a great servant! Together we learned a new Swahili word. Bwana Asifiew which means Praise God.

When we arrived to the Joska Boys School we were greeted by the missions school pastor, broke into groups and visited classrooms, agriculture farms, dorms and the water bottling plant. In this plant, the team filters and bottles water for use at the schools for drinking and cooking but also sold at local markets to help support the mission. It also provides and promotes the idea of clean drinking water to the rest of the Kenyan people. 

After our tour of the boys school we all gathered in the recreational building (approx. 900 kids) to enjoy, praise, singing, laughing and dancing. What a treat! And yes, all of us joined on stage to participate. As goodbyes were being said, we left our new friend, Pastor Bill behind so that he could continue to minister at the school and we were off to our next destination; Joska Girls School. 

Upon arrival, a good Kenyan lunch was provided by the school before taking a tour of their facilities. The Principal of the school gave us the grand tour. Joska Girls School has a health clinic which can provide basic health and dental care to the students and community. Again, we were invited into their time of worship. We were treated to the most joyous service to end our visit here. The singing and dancing of almost 600 girls was simply incredible. Before we departed we were one again invited back on stage to introduce ourselves and sing a song. Our team member, Sarah was selected as our song leader. We sang our song in English while Sarah taught the audience the sign language that went along with the lyrics.

I have traveled all over the world and I have yet to be disappointed in God’s awesomeness.