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Fierce Love

BY: Taylor Scroggin

Today was our first day doing Vacation Bible School with the students in Kosovo. We have been preparing as a team to share the love of Christ through teaching, worshiping, crafts, and activities.  Today I had the opportunity to serve with the craft team.  We gathered canvases and coloring pages to brush their handprint to each.  The kids could not get there fast enough, the smiles on their faces said it all.  Our scripture with the craft from Luke 10:27 says “Love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself”.  God has blessed us to meet these kids who so fiercely love Jesus and their neighbors.  The welcome, love, joy, and enthusiasm they have towards us is indescribable.  You can see it in their eyes and through the interactions with us they are the examples of loving the lord with all their heart and loving their neighbors with all their heart.  

After finishing up the painting of their hands, they even taught us a song!  One of my favorite parts of the day was singing these words as we danced “I lift my hands up, I’m going to sing a song and dance like this, I am fearlessly and wonderfully made. When I think of the creation I am blessed.” We danced and sang this song and every word just radiated. Not to mention these kids have moves! 

I loved celebrating these truths with the kids today and especially hearing about where this passion came from.  Wallace and Mary Kamau from Missions of Hope International (MOHI) welcome us into their home and we had the pleasure to get to know them. I couldn’t believe MOHI started with 50 kids in 2000 and has grown to 16000 kids 18 years later.  I asked Wallace and Mary how MOHI started and he said through relationships in the community, and one particular guy who shared his story and ministered throughout the slums helped build the trust of the community. From the relationships of truth and Gods glory they have been able to reach and impact the hearts of all of those we have been working with during our time. God is so amazing at reaching those in need and places truths in our hearts that we are fearlessly and wonderfully made!

God is bigger...

By: kat & Rick reinzan

Today was our first day of VBS. Many of us stayed up late last night prepping and making sure everything was ready. So we were all pretty tired this morning but Pastor Brian had prepped us to be flexible. Boy, was he right! 

On our way to the school we ran into heavy traffic only to realize Rick was very sick. We ended up having to stop at a gas station for him twice before we even reached the school. Once there we were told sessions had been shortened and instead of several classrooms we would only have 4 for all the teams. And we would also have more classes than expected. But God took care of it. Everyone pulled together and jumped in to help. It was a wonderful, yet, humbling experience seeing the children packed in to these little classrooms, sometimes over 60 at a time. 

They were so sweet and well behaved. We couldn’t have had a better time as they learned about, “The Good Samaritan” through stories and activities like painting and singing. Once school was over we went to the community slum, Kosovo, in smaller groups. I can’t even begin to explain the horrible conditions of this place. It’s unimaginable. We visited some homes to share Jesus’s love and afterward a social worker would come in and spray for bugs. It was strange to me at first but then it dawned on me that this is how they built trust with each other. 

We did two home visits. The first one was with a young couple, Dixon and Shayla, with a 2 month old baby girl. At first I was shocked. How can a mother live in these conditions? How did she give birth? What about shots? A crib? Clothes? Diapers. The mom in me kicked in and I asked to hold the baby. It made me so happy to see this beautiful child of God and I realized that maybe all of those things weren’t necessary because God was going to care for this little one. Rick and Dixon related to each other since they both had found Christ through alcoholism. He reinforced the importance of Dixon being a good father and shared the story of Christ for Shayla. The social worker interpreted and Shayla came to Christ. We prayed for her and her family and they exchanged numbers with the MOHI guide so they could continue ministering. 

The second home we visited belonged to a man name Moi. He was quiet and said he knew Christ but didn’t read the Bible. Rick spoke with him about his own testimony and shared that life with Christ may not be easy but it was well worth it. Afterward Moi decided that he wanted to give his life to Christ wholeheartedly. We prayed for him and his strength to be in Christ alone. 

Afterward, we joined the others and headed to Wallace and Mary’s home to have dinner. Wallace and Mary founded MOHI with only 50 children and have now grown it to 16,000 in just 18 years. Talk about God moving! They were so gracious and kind answering all of our questions until late. Sitting here tonight I realize that God is big, bigger than I ever thought. In fact, He is a huge, moving, and living God. 

We are so grateful to be a part of this mission and can’t wait for VBS day 2!