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Kosovo Schools

By: Kim & Cheri Westmoreland

Kosovo School on Tuesday morning was jumping. The children were excited and wanted to be as close to us as possible. Our VBS lesson for today was “Jesus washing the feet of his disciples”. We were adventurous and decided to wash all of the children’s feet and teacher’s feet to show them how much we loved them after we read the story. It was truly a privilege to serve the children and teachers in this way. We also prayed over them and spoke a word of encouragement to them.

The children were very rambunctious and wanted to be as close to us as possible. The language barrier was not bad though.   I believe that there is a universal language and it is a smile. The children at Kosovo speak English and Swahili and they know Bible scriptures and sing Bible songs with such joy and happiness. This visit has been as good as 2016 and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Kim and I sponsor a child at Kosovo School and his name is Lewis. We were able to spend some time with him today.  I want to encourage those of you reading this blog to sponsor a child.  I did not realize that he was already 10 years old and he had gotten very tall but 2 years makes a difference. He is very soft spoken and quiet but his smile is so warm and loving. As a sponsor, we receive a letter from him every three months. We have not been as good in writing over the last two and a half years but we did write to him right before Christmas.  We are going to write to our sponsored child more often than we have in the past. 

Lastly, I was able to spend time with about 30 women in a Bible class. I taught on prayer and the women were such a joy to be with during the afternoon. We read scriptures and prayed for each others needs which consisted of health, comfort for loss of grandparents, and financial breakthrough. The blessing of it all was that we were in a circle praying and I know that we were in one accord as the prayers went up to heaven. 

I was able to give 25 women a copy of my book, “Prayers Go Up”. We used it as part of the prayer class and we discussed unconditional love, resting in the Lord, and finding a dwelling place. I have been so blessed by the women and they have encouraged me to fight the good fight of faith.

This trip to Kenya has been a great blessing to Kim and me and has given us a chance to serve with some wonderful people who love the Lord. The leadership under Brian Heckber has been amazing and we have all worked together to glorify the Lord.