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TO Him be the glory

BY: Joan shope

As we head home, praise be to God for a memorable week.  Not only did we have the privilege to minister to the boys and girls but saw God’s hand in many ways and felt His presence. 


Seeing the passion of Missions of Hope International (MOHI) and the amazing work God has done from the call of one woman and her obedience was an encouragement, a display of how God can work and use each of us as we yield to him in faith.  Seeing the love of Christ and the overflowing of His Spirit among the students and staff in spite of poverty was an example of Paul’s words “I have learned in what so ever state there with to be content.” 


The children were amazing – church and worship was uplifting and encouraging.  Seeing souls saved on home visits and being able to pray for one another showed Gods pouring out of His spirit and brought joy.  Seeing the faces of the 9 children who were sponsored warmed our hearts.  We all stood in awe as we witnessed the sunrise at Kimanjaro and the beauty and diversity of God’s creation. 


This week God worked mightily not only in the lives of those we ministered but, in our lives, as well.  A song sung by our brothers and sisters in Christ was – “Things are better when God is on the throne.”  We all pray we can keep God on the throne by honoring Him, being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and serve Him well as He leads. 


To Him be the Glory Forever!!!