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Master Provisions Shoe collection

This Generosity Can initiative will benefit Master Provisions.  Master Provisions serves God by connecting resources to needs, until every physical and spiritual need is fulfilled.  They work in partnership with agencies that directly serve people in need, distributing resources to them. By spending less time and money obtaining resources, these partner agencies are able to focus on their core mission.

They work with many local missions like GO Pantry and others to meet food needs.  They work with 6 international partners, providing clothing, shoes, short term teams, orphan support and more to help them meet the needs in their area.

This June, First Church has been asked to collect 5000 pairs of gently used shoes for those in need. They will be boxed up and shipped out later this summer.  Having shoes on your feet is vital protection against many diseases, especially in places where there is no sewage system. We encourage you to start by taking a look in your closet for any shoes you have not worn in the last 12 months!  Those could be a good choice to donate.


It's not about what you think YOU can do.  The question is what can GOD do through you if you allow him to use YOU and your influence of those around you.  Join with your Life Group, friends, neighbors, or co-workers!  Let's make a statement about our love for all that Master Provisions does in our community and around the world! Flyers with more details will be available beginning May 30 after all services. Let's exceed the need!!

Get involved by collecting these items, helping us sort and box the shoes on Mondays, June 17 & 24 @ Burlington, or volunteering with Master Provisions. These donations are accepted at All Campuses and Venues of First Church. At Burlington, drop off will be at the Main Building before all services.  At Union, look for the signs where to place your bags near the door.

For more information about Master Provisions visit https://www.masterprovisions.org.