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Every week we spend the first hour of our programming in Large Group. Large Group at Advance is designed to create opportunities for memorable moments, engaging worship, solid biblical teaching, and chances to respond to the Gospel. We connect relevant Scripture with our students’ everyday lives and issues, so they can learn how to respond as a follower of Jesus. Students are always encouraged to invite friends to join them!


Once per month we join both campuses into one for a larger event that we call Family Advance. Not only is this a larger, more energetic service that is great opportunity to invite a friend to, we also start a new sermon series during this time.

We have a few big experiences every year outside of the church walls. High School Fall Retreat, Middle School Summer Retreat, CIY: Move (High School) and CIY: Believe (Middle School). All exist to help students get away from their daily habits and routines so they can be challenged to grow in their faith. These trips are quite possibly the biggest and most important things we do all year. It’s what our students look forward to every year!


After a large group gathering, our students are broken into small groups based on their grade and gender. The groups range in size from 5-15 students. These groups are led by the same adult leader (or two) every week, so students have a consistent mentor who is helping guide them in their relationship with Jesus. We don’t ever want a student to stay anonymous in our ministry, so we surround them with other students and leaders who know their name and their story.


Because building relationships is such an important part of what we do at Advance, our small group leaders are important. Whether you feel called by God to serve or you're not exactly sure why you're thinking about pressing this button. We can help you find the right spot with as big or as little of a commitment you feel you're ready for.  You can invest in the lives of students by signing up to become an Advance Small Group Leader!


Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...