Whole bible reading plans

1. Read the Bible Straight Through

In this plan, you read straight through from Genesis to Revelation, three or four chapters a day to finish the whole Bible in one year. Here are the dates laid out for you from Dr. David Jeremiah if you want to print it out.

2. Five Days a Week Plan

Many of us have a hard time keeping up with our regular Bible reading schedule on the weekends. This is the plan for you if you still want to read through the whole Bible in one year. This plan also has you reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament each day. If you leave off the Old Testament readings, you can just concentrate on the New Testament for one year. 

3. By the Week Bible Reading Plan

Here is a collection of six Bible reading plans that break up the reading by the week instead of by the day. This is great if you have more time one day than another in a typical week and you normally think of your time by the week rather than by the day. One of the plans takes you through the entire Bible in a year dividing up the readings by the week. The others take you through smaller sections of Scripture like the New Testament Church History and selected epistles in a year. Another one takes you through the major prophets in a year. I would love this plan! I’d love to revisit Ezekiel especially since I Bible journaled through it this year. 

4. Three Chapters a Day, Not in a Year

In this Bible reading plan by Sarah Frazer, you read one chapter from the Old Testament, one Psalm or Proverbs, and one chapter from the New Testament a day. This a no-stress plan since it’s undated and not intended to be finished in a year. It will help you read the whole Bible though and I like the inclusion of the Psalm or Proverb a day. 

5. Two Year Bible Reading Plan

This Bible reading plan guides you through the Bible in two years. You read five days a week, alternate between several weeks in the Old Testament then one in the New Testament. The Psalms are sprinkled in. The plan is undated so you could go at any pace you wish. You also don’t need to enter your email address in order to print the plan. 

6. Read through the Bible for Slackers and Shirkers

I’m not entirely sure why this is titled the way it is. There is still a lot of reading for everyday of this seven day a week plan. But I like the way you are reading different genres of literature on each day of the week. Sunday is Old Testament poetry, Monday is the Pentatuch, Tuesday is Old Testament history, etc. You should have a good grasp of the storyline of Scripture for this plan since you’ll be jumping around a bit. But I imagine you will see great insights you haven’t seen before since you are all over the Bible at the same time. 

7. Read the Bible in 120 Days

In this Bible reading plan, you are reading about 9 chapters a day so you can complete the whole Bible in 120 days. That’s four months. This Bible reading planwould be great if are you newer to the Bible and need a broad overview before you delve deep into specific passages. 

8. Read the Whole Bible at Your Own Pace

I developed this Bible reading chart for those who want to read the whole Bible but don’t want the stress of keeping up with a dated plan. You can read the whole Bible at your own pace. You can mark off each chapter as you go and go in any order you please. You can get this free Bible reading chart here. If you are already an email subscriber to Read the Hard Parts, you can find this chart in every email I send so that you can start reading through the whole Bible at anytime. 

9. Bible Reading Bookmarks

Use these free printable bookmarks from Confessions of a Homeschooler to go through the whole Bible in two years with her dated bookmarks or use the undated bookmarks to go through just the Old Testament or just the New Testament. The possibilities are endless for creating your own plan, but the bookmarks help you keep track of what you have read so far. 

10. Bible Books Together, Poetic Books on the Weekend

I like the way Rachel Green Miller, author of Beyond Authority and Submission, arranged her personal Bible reading plan. She kept the Bible books together, except for the Old Testament poetic books which she keeps for the weekends. She also alternates between the Old and New Testament. Her plan mixes up the readings without making it confusing to finish the whole Bible in one year. 

New Testament reading plan

11. New Testament in Six Months

This no-frills one page printable guides you through one or two chapters a day to read the New Testament in six months. 

12. New Testament Game Board

This New Testament Bible reading chart is so creative! Each chapter of the New Testament has it’s own box. The boxes are connected to one another and snake around the page like a Candy Land Board Game. Color off each box as you read at your own pace. 

12. New Testament In A Year

This printable New Testament in a Year Bible reading plan is slow and steady and gives you time to ponder each passage. You read one chapter or less per day and the creator of the Bible reading plan has thoughtfully broken up the readings so that the verses make sense together. 

Old Testament READING PLAN

14. Old Testament in Six Months

Laura Jane Barber realized she would finish reading the New Testament in six months and went looking for an Old Testament six month plan so she could read the whole Bible in one year. She couldn’t find one, so she created one and shares it on her blog for you to use, too. In this Old Testament in six months plan, you read about five chapters a day, seven days a week. 

15. Old Testament in Nine Months

This Bible reading plan is in chronological order. In this plan, it will take nine months to read the Old Testament in Chronological order. This can be super helpful when reading the Old Testament prophets especially. 

16. Old Testament in a Year

This plan was really hard to find, but I finally came across it! This one year Old Testament Bible reading plan is also in Chronological order so it’s easy to see the narrative of redemption. You’ll be reading Esther in December!