Church Family Gathering is this Sunday at the Burlington Campus. We cannot wait to come together in one place for a morning of fun, fellowship, and worship! 

We realize that bringing all three campuses together in one place can be hectic, so please read through the details below before you arrive. If you have questions when you arrive, there will be Guest Services volunteers throughout the lobby area who would be happy to help you.


  1. There will be NO services held at Campbell County or Union on Sunday.

  2. ALL Early Childhood (Birth-PreK) programming will be held in the Early Childhood Center. Please check your child in at door 3 and proceed to the EC doors next to the check-in area.

  3. Union & Campbell County Elementary (K-5th) programming will take place in Stage One. Please check your child in at door 3 and then follow the signs for Stage One.

  4. Burlington Elementary programming will be held upstairs as usual.

  5. There is NO student programming, all students (6th-12th) will attend service with their families. 

  6. Trio will hold service at their regular time, 5:00PM Sunday evening.