Disaster Relief

Whenever there is a natural disaster the Church is given a big opportunity to show the love of Jesus by being his hands and feet in recovery efforts. Our team works closely with churches and other organizations, in the area of the disaster, to help identify specific needs and funnel resources into the most effective places.

If you are looking for ways to help, the top three ways are to Pray, Volunteer, and Donate. 

Please use the links below to join in the efforts.


If you would like to join the prayer team and receive specific prayer needs and updates, then please click the link below to be added to the Disaster Relief Prayer Group.



We have compiled and ever-growing team of people who are interested in volunteering. We ask that you fill out this form to share your interest and specific skills, so that when we are ready to meet these needs we can move quickly to help.




If you'd like to give financially, please use the dropdown to designate your gift to "Disaster Relief".