GO Pantry is a non-profit organization that provides food for hungry kids in Northern Kentucky on days when schools are not open.

The best way to get involved is by hosting a Collection Site in your neighborhood, at your workplace, at the gym, or at a local business that you frequent. We have prepared everything from signs, to collection bins, to shopping lists, and are ready to come alongside you to make it as easy as possible!  Last year we had 21 collection sites and this year we are hoping to double that to 42 with your help!

We will begin collecting food items starting March 5th.

fill a box

Whether you want to purchase all of the items to FILL A BOX or if you'd like to donate some of the items to HELP FILL A BOX, you can click on the shopping list to download a PDF shopping list.

If you'd like to give financially, click on the button below.

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