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MISSIONs Weekend

Missionaries from around the world are coming to First Church! You will have the chance to meet many of the missions we support. We invite you to meet them and see a glimpse of what God is doing through Missions at First Church at both Union & Burlington campuses.


Join us October 5 from 5:00-6:15 for a special missions prayer and worship time in Stage ONE on the Burlington Campus.  We will worship together and pray for the missionaries.  Followed by hors d'ouvres and fellowship in the gym. Come see, hear, celebrate, AND TASTE how God is being glorified among the nations!


Join us on October 3rd & 6th.

  • At Union, you may meet three of our mission partnerships will before and after the Sunday services. 
  • At Burlington, missionaries or their representatives will have displays set up in the gym for everyone to visit on THURSDAY before and after service and Sunday from 9:00am-1:00pm and again from 5:00-6:00pm.

You'll meet people from around the corner to around the World. First Church gives 16% of her giving to missions. This gives you an opportunity to see not only all of the places where we have partners across the world, but also an opportunity to get to know them better. Come and see...and may your heart beat for the world!

Can you lend a hand?

We need several volunteers to make the weekend a success and a blessing for all who attend. Just pick a role (or two or three!), ask others to join you to BE A BLESSING!


How to Sign Up:

1. CLICK HERE to go register

2. Enter your email and continue to choose attendees.

3. Enter your name if requested or select the checkbox to the left of your name and click continue. 

4. The serving options are listed as "Add-Ons".  Choose whatever roles and times you are able to serve. They are organized by day and time that they will occur.  As you scroll to the bottom you will see an option to add any clarifying comments. Please also let us know if you are able to join us at one or both of the two events listed at the bottom as well. Click continue to review.

5. Click on the "Complete registration" button and you are finished.

6. You’ll receive a confirmation email and information from the Team Leader as needed. 


If you have questions, contact Eric Tripp at etripp@firstchurch.me or 859-586-4673 x 128