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Generosity Unleashed:


Let’s unleash God’s generosity on the five new Family Resource Centers in Boone County Schools and our Campus Connection Partners. We want to encourage them as they work to remove as many barriers to learning as possible.


Fall Campus Connection

oct. 18, 19, 25 & 26

Join us as we support Fall Campus Connections with our partner schools during their FREE Fall Celebrations. All ages welcome.   Candy donations and volunteers needed.

New Haven Elementary

Fall Carnival

Friday, Oct. 18th


Sign Up Here

Goodridge Elementary

Fall Celebration

Saturday, Oct. 19th


Sign Up Here

Stephens Elementary

Trick or Treat (inside)

Friday, Oct. 25th


Door Decorating: Sign Up Here

Donations and Volunteers: Sign Up Here

Burlington Elementary

Fall Celebration

Saturday, Oct. 26th


Sign Up Here


At First Church, we want to continue to be a church FOR the community, committed to GO & BE!! One of those intentional next steps as a church, is to begin building a foundation for school partnerships. And we are excited this coming school year to launch a brand new outreach, CAMPUS CONNECTION! 

The goal and purpose is simple: Our FC campuses pouring hope and encouragement into our local school campuses.

We will have teams in four elementary schools this fall, and will look to add more schools each year. Those schools are: Goodridge Elementary, Stephens Elementary, New Haven Elementary, and Burlington Elementary. We have worked  with school leaders to identify various needs/specific areas and opportunities to serve, resource, and encourage. Our passion is for each school’s team to be an ongoing, consistent presence all throughout the year. There are over 3,200 students and over 400 faculty/staff between these four schools.


- Like and follow our group page on Facebook

- Email Chad Caddell to communicate potential interest in serving on a school team (There will be a variety of ways to serve and opportunities for both during the school day and outside of the school day).

Feel free to share with friends where you live, work, and play who might want to serve a school in a certain area, be a champion for kids, and lift up incredible faculty and staff who give so much. This outreach is not just for First Church members; anyone in the community is welcome to engage and be a part of this outreach!