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Care groups

Compassionately sharing Christ's mercy and kindness with others through the power of a Godly touch.

mental health group

Meets 2nd Sunday of Month | 11:00-12:00 pm | FC103 | Burlington Campus

If you or a loved one is wrestling with mental health issues, check out this new group. 

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Click here to access Right Now Media Resources for Mental Health.

Christian survivors

of suicide

Christian Survivors of Suicide (CSOS) is a support group for family members and friends of persons who have ended their own lives.  CSOS helps in dealing with common issues and theological questions surrounding suicide.  If you have any questions click here to email our facilitators. 

Meets Second Wednesday Each Month | 6:30-8:30pm

Burlington Campus | FC103

  • It helps people to feel less isolated: they may not know anyone else that has been through this.  
  • Provides reassurance that healing will happen. 
  • Provides understanding from others in the group about common experiences and feelings.  
  • Creates a chance to learn from others in the group and the grief process.
  • Gives resources to seek other information outside the group.
  • Supplies personal warmth and spiritual support to those at a time when it is needed the most especially since recovery from a suicide death can be different than "regular" grief. Emotions such as guilt and anger may be more intense or sometimes there is a feeling of stigma - that others will be shocked and judgmental about this kind of death. This is a warm nurturing group with wonderful facilitators to help provide the strength and support needed on this journey of healing.


GriefShare is for those dealing with the pain of the death of a friend or loved one. No matter how long it's been since a friend or loved one has died, the pain can make life unbearable.  GriefShare is led by wonderful facilitators who are warm, nurturing and understanding. 

Thursdays  | 6:30-8:30 pm

Burlington Campus | FC104


There is a cost of $15.00 to cover materials, and scholarships are available. You can pay at the first session. Click here to check out the GriefShare website. For more information click here.

Divorce CAre

DivorceCare is a warm caring group that will walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experiences.

Thursdays | 6:15-7:45 pm

Burlington Campus | FC 106


The cost is $15.00 to cover materials and scholarships are available. You can pay at the first session. Childcare is available. Click here to check out the DivorceCare website.  For more information click here.

Counseling Information

Below is a list of certified Christian counselors that First Church partners with in order to offer quality mental health services.  To make an appointment with any of the counselors below, please call and leave a message that includes your name and phone number.  For pastoral counseling or to discuss other options please contact: Jeff Martin, Director of Pastoral Care or Tommy Baker, Executive Pastor at 859-586-4673.

Michael C. Adams | 859.525.0185

Betty Howe | 859.525.0185

Dr. Tom Noyes | 859.282.0119

Jennifer Reynolds | 859.620.9817

Greg Tanner | 513.309.8144