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Missions at first church

Missions is part of our "DNA" at First Church. Each year we give 16% of our general budget to Missions from around the corner to around the globe.  See a list of our current partners below.

The Missions Ministry exists to create and develop mutually transformational partnerships with missionaries and mission organizations seeking to impact the continents for Christ as they work to lead people to know, worship and serve Him.

One of the ways to develop mutually transformational partnerships is by taking time to visit, serve alongside and encourage our partners.  Consider joining us soon on one of our "Upcoming Mission Journeys". Maybe you are not ready to "GO" yourself.  Equally needed are those who will join the team in prayer or giving.  If you are not ready to step out first hand, consider helping someone else to go.

Mission Partnerships from around the globe

All of our partner relationships fall into one of three focus areas:

Evangelism/Church Planting - Planting new churches in key areas where there is not any Christian Church influence

or other focused evangelistic approaches.

Discipleship/Training - Developing people and churches through education, church strengthening/training etc. 

or other focused discipling approaches.

Holistic/Poverty Alleviation - Finding relevant ways to assist in "teaching people to fish" (development) 

rather than simple relief, though there are periods of time where relief is the appropriate response. 

Holistic refers to partnering to help in the areas of basic needs (food, medical, housing, etc.) 

as well as the spiritual help and guidance to Christ as our ultimate provider.