Kenya Mission Journey

Our Mission Team is heading to Kenya to serve at Missions Of Hope International February 8th-20th.  Visit this page for daily updates from the team. 

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FEBRUARY 16, 2022


Our Team shared a heartfelt afternoon with Kosovo school, it’s students, and staff. The FC Team served a catered lunch, and then celebrated with cake and dancing with the students. Many tears were shed and hugs given. 




FEBRUARY 15, 2022


The Team had a chance to visit the home of Mary and Wallace Kamau, the founders of MOHI. We had a chance to share a dinner with Wallace, and his two children, while Mary was visiting the US in continued efforts to raise support for MOHI. Wallace and Mary are excellent leaders, and their story was incredible for us to hear.


FEBRUARY 14, 2022


Team members got to meet and deliver food to the parents of their Sponsor Children at Kosovo. It was a wonderful time of home visits, storytelling, and thanksgiving. It’s incredible to see how well MOHI become stewards of their resources. Relational ministry is the key here.



FEBRUARY 12, 2022


Today we attended Outreach Hope Church in Kosovo. Lead Pastor, Simon, was incredibly welcoming, and creates a welcoming environment for all - one that is modeling the characteristics of Christ. He gives people opportunity to come as they are to experience Christ in a real way. He led a younger team of pastors, worship leaders, and volunteers through a 90-minute charismatic service. We are grateful for his work on the ground here in Kenya. 



FEBRUARY 11, 2022


Kevin is an 18 year old student at one of MOHI’s boarding schools out in the countrysides of Kenya. He leads a group of boys through acrobatic, gymnastic and dance performance. As a surprise to our group, they performed an intense and entertaining movement involving flips, jumps, human towers, and drums. Kevin is a leader that is creating and helping his younger peers find the heart of God through dance and performance.


FEBRUARY 10, 2022


We had an awesome  day kicking off VBS with the MOHI partners including an incredible time worshiping, as well as arts, crafts, and games with the students and teachers. Our team was there to encourage and show love to the team of hardworking and dedicated staff members. Towards the end of our day, we stood on the roof of the school and prayed over the village and surrounding town. 


While visiting the local town, the teams had chances to meet with local families who have students that attend the school. Today, our team met Silvia, a young mom with four children, each talented, and one even using his talents to sing. She strives to continue to support them. She lives in a tiny shack house as big as a master bathroom, yet she is truly on fire for Christ. She was kind, and very welcoming. We thanked her for being an incredible mother.


FEBRUARY 9, 2022

Day 1

Charles is a hero here in Kenya. He works for MOHI as a social worker, helping understand the needs of local students and their families. Charles is a part of a greater kingdom impact because he knows that a successful path for students starts with a rooted relationship. One that provides access to medical services, discussions around family employment, and placing a firm trust in what it looks to follow Christ. Charles is one of the reasons Kenya is changing and an entire generation is rising up to know and love Christ, and make the world around them a better place. 


Melissa Weigand sat down with her sponsor child from the MOHI school system. Before their meeting, Melissa was anxious to meet her child that she had been supporting. When her student walked in, she had tears in her eyes already. She immediately said “I thought I’d never meet you in person.” The two spent time talking, laughing, sharing gifts, and praying.


FEBRUARY 8, 2022

Depart for Kenya

Our Kenya Mission Journey Team flew out this afternoon to head to Missions of Hope International. 

Please join us in praying for this team throughout their trip. They will return on February 20th.