If you find yourself in need of hope, guidance, or a listening ear, we want to help. We offer pastoral care services and Christian counseling referrals.

All of the counselors below are certified Christian counselors that work directly with First Church. If you would like help deciding which counselor might be best for your particular need, please email

or call our church office 859.586.4673.

Michael C. Adams | 859.525.0185

Betty Howe | 859.525.0185

Barb Loftin, Life Coach | 859.866.2593

Dr. Tom Noyes | 859.282.0119

Micah Noyes, MS | 859.282.0119

Robyn Rennie, Ph.D | 859.982.1142

Jennifer Reynolds | 859.282.0119

Doug Spears, Ph.D | 859.488.1228

Greg Tanner | 513.309.8144