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There are five key engagement pathways that we as a church believe we must pursue, in order to fulfill our mission and vision. These five are not an end, in and of themselves, but are the pathways to spiritual development which help us live a Christ-centered life and drive toward spiritual maturity. 

  • Gather Purposefully

    We don’t gather just to put on services. We embrace a normal rhythm of worship, inspiration, and motivation while emphasizing the mobilization of our Church towards growth and next steps.

  • Connect deeply

    We aim to move people from the fringes to a life defined by connection in community that contributes to a growing relationship with Christ and other believers.

  • Serve Selflessly

    We want to help everyone identify their talents, gifts, and passions, in order to serve in the Church and in the community.

  • Give Generously

    We want to develop a culture where generosity is a lifestyle and biblical financial stewardship promotes health and generosity.

  • Influence Daily

    We recognize that as we grow in Christ, our influence within the culture we are placed in grows as well. We want to help everyone live out their faith through investing in others, serving in the community and modeling a life centered on Christ.